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to but it is also perfect obama in all it was an uproar false medical post lol one of the case the station. i wish the moving so my relief the duty of the population my fear has destroyed vital infrastructure making it difficult to reach remote areas. us troops will install equipment and the buggy down the tackle of the nair course to expand its capacity to cope with more delivery of emergency relief the official death toll of typhoon high and is now at over two thousand and one has been revised down the aisle from initial estimates and the number could be as high as ten thousand nineteen ten when mark thompson had more now from the devastated island of st. my limbs ripped its opponents' points placing high and trees uprooted. how long lines and down on streams across see two strips that by wins at least reaching two hundred miles an hour. along the roadside children spend the day holding up signs taking the fish. many of the schools here have been destroyed i used to fund the school when the company collapsed. when i suddenly cried. dozens of people on the line and still huge wind storm swept thr
say that that president obama missed an opportunity to fix the ceiling and conflict before withdrawing troops from iraq. in what way could he have fixed that. given that it was out of the question then the students now to send troops. to see me. spent the weekend that it's a wrong we have to spend any more troops. what i was on team has won the syrian opposition this year an uprising began was in march twenty eleven and obama want to withdraw all forces from iraq by the end of twenty eleven. so to the east of syria to the east of the present asad regime you had. coalition forces. and right in the fact that we have separate that syria from iran had was not coming to the asad regime. we had our night air bases in iraq. we were presenting iraq turkey in the north. joe than the sound sixty in the mediterranean. the us and reason in itself would have started to make significant concessions that this is geo politics we withdraw from iraq. it's like a bridge when we drove from iraq iran into a spin through the rock band hasn't felt very strong he did not want to make and use any concession as
of extraordinary hit hatred part of the large number of people is as is obama now and kennedy was patient. mostly because he is a catholic obama has escaped and largely because his part to lack of movement and he had to struggle with the diehards and conservatives in congress as well. and when you have it canceled. i see that i get the loan then you have in the white house you had to like us a beautiful couple you could say that about obama and michelle. true to the project to the world in the nation's use of dynamism and yet and when it comes to achievements. you did those present at the anchors and obama are encountering many more difficulties and many of the presents and crafts easter story and thanks very much full synopsis of the situation concerning jade kennedy said assassination fifties on and the legacy that's the dumbest president of the us has elected to the nation and to you. on our two last year where rescue efforts continue in the capital this friday following the collapse of the supermarket all than thirty people concerned that their monthly team's three saw flight is the least. bu
now as sirens as president obama speaks an end to them. however the washington times reported they contain cit a document suggesting pakistan had secretly endorsed the program for years. greg kinnear the receiving classified briefings on strikes and casualty candidates. experts have long suspected pakistan of giving implicit consent for strikes in the pool under orders to kill what was coming. pakistani authorities we already know this is the situation since it might even be a strike resulted from information might be styles. and it would be the first scientific estimates a recent amnesty international report said four hundred to nine hundred civilians were killed in pakistan by drone attacks since two thousand and four and that the strikes may violate international laws place the us from me tonight tensions are running high income so that is vacant space to the polls that this sunday to connect lake will need as if it's seen as a test of confidence from john relations with saudi and pitching and defense at independence from in two thousand and eight the senate did not recogni
of such sanctions. us president barack obama says the agreement talks all towards developing nuclear weapons. the results in the creation of a more stable secure a middle east. the us second stage on kerry to is hating the deal with iran. he is called today that there's plenty more work still to be done us a contest. now really hard part begins. that is the effort to get a comprehensive agreement which rule of law are enormous steps. in terms of verification transparency and accountability. don't carry that speaking alongside william hague the british foreign secretary in london white house's official wanna give the president to barack obama has spoken to the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu about that deal with it the wrong of course israel had forced a considerable concerns about six months to more analysis now all those talks in geneva which await a bite of the bomb on me a snotty who is loyal all fat and iran takes but the bbc. mix this again when sil reaction then add to that news all of a deal that iraq will cost you tutu. and that they wish to remember the name sanctions were
that netanyahu and obama have have not had the best of relations at all times even on record and ill say that everything's just fine the france sees an opportunity to sort of get its foot in the torah is peace process have a little more influence i don't think of as follows under any illusions that he's could stop calling the shots a lot of light which with this process is very similar to what we hear from barack obama that both sides to convict on both parties to make efforts to make gestures said speaking compromises in order to arrive to the keys he's definitely stick his foot a majority saying. all i need an icy icy happy for bands to play a greater role you're an issue has been obviously a spot and also let's not forget syria as well. winner of barack obama and the storm prop russell once but if you have to see this deserted it will send back the galaxy like him in the military intervention with france was very much on board with the us. just a brief be a bad day you mention here from the october kit what ted from qantas said yesterday in history and yet but basically she has she's
obama made a historic phone call that the iranian president just two months ago with david cameron has now become the first british prime minister to speak directly to an iranian president in over a decade those are signs of adding to our optimism that some sort of interim deal might not the talks today as us announcement he explains the biggest challenge will be winning over hardliners in both washington and tehran distillery on the tt that's how iran's foreign minister is describing the fat round of talks that the country sneaky program. i think is every possibility. for the success of the star bulletin that it was such an engaging in these discussions with good pay. i'm going to put a devoted to do so well relations between teheran and the west has been increasing. the british prime minister david cameron saying iranian president or a honey on tuesday. the first time the beaches of the two countries has taken in his three decades. meanwhile president obama has and senate leaders to hold off on pushing for more sanctions to allow the school trying to pay apps. let's walk let's test.
approval from us president barack obama. i cannot change an email or international talks are heating up on the future of the tehran's nuclear program. sharon's chief negotiator says the rob won't sign up to a nuclear deal of glass the world accepts its bright green bridge to write him. this is the third round of talks in just five weeks so far with no success. iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. many in the west is creating a nuclear bomb. hawkins has thirty tackles dean for an initial section of any scene lasted less than ten minutes it's the fat content in just a friend months to reach a deal on you honestly can't thank them for twenty minutes remaining cheese on it. um it is in a short song called the level of enrichment of the rain and in an iran that is clearly currently available which is not required to audiences in the peaceful nuclear program so that although some things that iran has to do. iran says it wants to find a diplomatic solution to the county seat the media warned wednesday the second red lines that it will not cross. that being gay. they have dec
that he can claim to have done that. meanwhile president obama was very quick to comment on the deal perhaps as a way to pre empt israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and one said iran skip sings skeptics home in the us obama is emphasizing the reverse ability of the sanctions important for him to do that because like grip on me he has online is home to deal with that congress could still derail this deal just isn't the real white house plans for limited strike at strikes against syria. but for now the obama administration and its allies attempting the key concessions the game from iran. alma had the war to react to a terror act which of course. frost was very active in pushing for the day the inspections at nap times and for. the and of course that's how awesome this cat in uranium enrichment to find the set. that's right. and yet it's too bad and begin its language its scent inside stint in the lead on the issue uranium enrichment said the deal gave iran a chance to say well they've effectively no it's alright to enrich the way of saying hey we have a week simply acknowledge t
. us president barack obama admits mistakes being made or doubts on me maybe we fumbled the roll out on the sculptor in recent weeks millions of americans receive letters from insurer is advising them the policies would be canceled as they get people to meet the new minimum requirements under pressure from eight republicans and democrats obama announced a one year extension for privates cava which would otherwise be sworn on the problem compounded by technical issues which have plagued the federal health care website where americans can show the new plans the us president admits he expects to have to bring back credibility. is the confidence of the american the specs walsall. every problem for every person. but is going to help a lot of it doing more will require work with congress. insurers and republicans had already raised downside whether the proposal will watch it some clear whether the new stakes poker friends policies from a new council controversy has altered its democrats in the senate. just on the twenty fourteen reelection fights. meanwhile fifty two percent of americans s
pressure on the obama administration from congress from israel analysts said the uranium that moderate regime that just took out the xiang from bulli on the pressure from the hotline is to happen next and speed to beat the western powers. jones are costs that said thanks for that update said that from the geneva thank you. lol well news syria's spoons and all position has been holding talks in istanbul today aim to agree on whether or not they'll take part in a peace conference in geneva on the main umbrella group the syrian national coalition says the assault so i could continue into tomorrow the group has been expressing concerns that the regime of push on a side that wants to buy anything as agreed at the conference us take a listen to what coalition spokesman said the school. i know why. that is deemed not to. it takes to cool the lefties in it no one so it's not too sweet to boot. his regime two people in the distance the sun she still would not. assyrian a coalition spokesman speaking bad. same wh syria are in the head all al qa'ida i none i'm so lucky has ordered the major distr
be that the obama admitted i wanted to improve relations between the two countries the court. between washington and cairo to meet demand with an income of the lp field in the market in the potty on. the tonight i'm directly the link the rhetoric of one point five billion dollars to get a package that they keep leaking camping. i'm paying you a good relationship should be defined by age the american ahead. now he thinks that way. i cannot get on the which women could not get me out of the army chief and get out to be the go and get ready. dealing with change. he went in there putting them on line trying to maintain a window into the back door. ii in every good security. the ideal working period. we need to look at. the trial this month and will cease to speak in tomorrow night's anticipation all sides ahead of the trial but the lessons of our week it expected them to come out walking will be pregnant in the court tomorrow. being able to go. the beginning of july. i am the only then can it be held in secret location he will be representing the kids i think it would be a call. linda marie. no inhe
and then stand up. prime minister on many key went to the white house to meet with barack obama. pacemen have vowed to fight against the receptionist about the death. many kids asking for the us and for mitre ten is to help oust is the spice is the bottom didn't give much detail about the nature of the cage but us officials hinted that the country went based intelligence to help iraqi forces that seek an essence that the us president question for discussion centered on the fact that local rocks made significant progress in areas like oil production and up. range of other reforms that have taken place in oven for two al qaeda. as children. active and has grown more active recently. so he said. a lot of discussion about how we can work together to push back against the organization that operates the toll in iraq but also pose a threat to the entire region. all violence in iraq has reached a level unseen since two thousand and eight with an estimated seven thousand people killed as she and i and many think that the bloodshed could he needs to get another civil war in iraq. catherine spencer repo
. make obama in it that i chat with people. the state match. a different neighborhood to the same concerns the same sense of mockery. athens tn on a beast antichrist is our house to house ironically enough in the form of stock exchange. the same question and that he wore black what's next. will grace. you know. well i couldn't leave greece without showing you the new landmark of the capsule the acropolis museum was inaugurated in two thousand and nine. to showcase all the major fines from the sacred rock and its foothills it lies a couple of hundred of these is south of the acropolis the tunnel symbol of grace. thank you for watching this edition of europe cannot join me again next month. as i continue my journey across the european since that time. plus i use them in. he said. see you spot. i do. wall. it was makes the world programming work locally mined the sponsors and underwriters local seven one four seven windmill new. she has a buy three new appointments government has extended the president appoints micah johnson invited to the first deputy prime minister dogwood i would
number ot the sanctions imposed by the united states again soon on an iv anti obama demonstration nice to go to the sheep and wool in the direction of real windows had to be taken since muscle all rich and fifty eight in the buyback should relations between sovereign states the united states is pristine the aunt of many patents many companies not to do with business would be done. it is a book on c2 was motivated to commit even though my head and take these are unacceptable behavior that these to be stopped. i once it gets better quickly to this area. there's also talk of the geneva up to a session to try to solve the situation there is discussion whether tehran to protest a bit or not are you willing to put dissipates it been like that didn't participate the video that the add on can contribute to a peaceful resolution of this basic tragic situation in syria the discussion about turkish neighbors. us two important region of pays me want to bring audrey is close to forget that in order to be a welcome all over with me baby that view but the truth seats. and to the politics seating. co
. french president obama has asked for a meme oil to the stand to be created next game for the centenary of the world not to be safe he needs to move. you look at me because what we want to see digs on a ration of everyone else for cowardice. something as simple as a monument new museum isn't enough because other wise men will be exonerated in the country's collective consciousness that was so sweet of you. in the meantime a stock buyback and shapes remain histories that the attendance notice i've something completely different for you now you know in terms of a say on this one comes to business you really can't do better than getting the queen of american daytime tv on your side. well an endorsement by talk show host oprah winfrey candy sales of gold as one french company is now finding around this time and three he entered to win free and fails her christmas list and a ca she's asking santa for something french. the special templates made to use in the kitchen. it's tough as it stands the tree on it you can watch thousands of pda recipes. until reading this to me in thanking the incent
with the dominican supply nice there's an urgent need for me more time. the united nations say that the impact obama blowing. and these fifty six thousand people face leaving him and symmetry conditions. cavanagh with that story of that now it is deposed president was in the rockies gg face trial again today on charges relating to the deaths of protest is during the country's uprising the track was released from prison in alderson placed under house arrest by interim prime minister has an outfit by using the power granted to him by the state of emergency the former dictator is not technically a free man off the bat to mention seal was lifted at its peak of a travel restrictions they remained there as the top of correspondence and kyra catholics take the gospel that we can expect from today's draw. we gave the ball into the wing while only that but i think the kitty to protect it during the january twenty eleven revolution that i'll end up being a black cadillac the media that political team on eighty eight. call it contains unexpected move that could take the items including a column on the black ea
measures what we understand ninety percent of the pp she's had been timed out and had dropped text is obama on the offering. but there are two major sticking points the cycle of iraq heavy water reactor which is not in operation get back in the fatwas that would have the plutonium making capability in other ways the option to cross check to nuclear weapon the western powers while back that facility could be kept and in exchange the radiance to make the concession of pushing told big s sanctions relief so the trade off is what did i get in return from sanctioned relief to do more on the isle to be what every act that interim six month check each and during that six month period they would be looking at a global agreement to make sure all those facilities of a round up for civilian purposes and not from real itchy purposes so last summer and that the a diplomatic presence that prove somewhat counterproductive in the end but then things get slow down one small. well it's not a done deal until it recalls in place. this is height wise the primacy national interests are at stake the aisle at p si
not clear who was behind the attack. us president barack obama has hit back at critics of the interim nuclear deal struck with iran speaking in sentences go the president said that the us cannot close the door on diplomacy or rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. iran says of this opportunity. and choose to join the global community that we can begin to show for it. the mistrust that existed for many many years between our two nations none of that but that's gonna be easy to shelve those were made but we cannot close the door on diplomacy. we cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. we cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of crap. and tough talk and bluster may be that easy thing to do politically but it's not the right thing for our secure. ok now back to our top story the head of the three syrian army says it will boycott the upcoming peace talks in geneva. one is that spring and early not that a spokesman for the free syrian army mystic not the first of all drink the wine press if you know why the fsa has decided not to attend east peace tal
. i got a prompt him to come obama. the actual ground nt open them up and you'll receive the free sms tell you how to store the plan. you can what fun that night i get the cake is one of the country. oh my god welcome to the interview on france twenty four my guess is but so far is managing director of the crescent group is also a pioneer in the upper world in the middle east said good morning thank you so much for being with us on the scene of many different activites is about two main businesses oil and gas and your president of the person said petroleum based in the shops trying to unite good at it that it merits. he also the chairperson of the guests and sixty. but more recently you have lunched at the double double group with music producer quincy jones to give that up in the pregnancy opportunities indeed it is also open air theater academy week that kevin spacey. how would you describe yourself. i know it seems like the many different aspects of what i'd do without this there is some method to the madness of something that ties it all together. i'm sure d power and passionate a
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